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How to unclog a bathroom sink

Nobody likes dealing with any issues when it comes to keeping a home's bathroom up and running. As this is a room of the house that sees a lot of action on a daily basis, it is crucial that every part of it work as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Sometimes, however, this does not always work out and an issue will arise. Before you hop on the phone and schedule an appointment with an Arlington, VA plumber, try and take a look at the problem yourself. This blog post will cover how to successfully unclog a bathroom sink.

Whether it is from a glob of toothpaste that wouldn't break up in the water or from too much hair being shaved, unclogging a bathroom sink can be tricky business. This is partially because the room you have to work with is so small, as the pipes are often very tight. The easiest way you can take care of the situation is with some draining chemicals, but if you don't happen to have those on hand in your house, there are a couple of other methods that you can try.

If the problem is a clog, more often than not it can be solved with a drain snake. Or, if you also don't have one of those, you can create a makeshift one by cutting a hanger and bend it into a straight piece of wire. That will allow you to break up whatever blockage is there. Should that not work, try running hot water to loosen up what is down there and try again!

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