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Hypothetical disaster of the week: Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes with Icicles

With winter fast approaching, many families are going to be dealing with freezing temperatures at night that put their plumbing systems at risk. One such risk that is extremely common is frozen pipes, which can be either a minor problem if handled promptly and properly or a major issue if the situation isn't handled correctly. In either situation, you should consult with a Virginia plumbing contractor to determine the best course of action and schedule a consultation.

If you discover that a pipe is frozen in your home, the first thing you should do is determine where the freeze is located. The most likely place you'll have this problem is with any piping that is on the exterior of your house, or where the water main connects to your plumbing system. But it could be anywhere that a pipe has been exposed to extremely cold weather.

To unthaw the pipe, try using either a hair dryer or wrapping it in an electric heating pad. Do not try to use an open flame or some kind of torch, as this could damage the pipe further. Allow water to run through it, as this will help thaw it more quickly. However, if the area that is frozen begins to leak, you've most likely experienced a pipe burst and need to contact a plumber immediately to avoid flooding.

If you require assistance due to a frozen pipe, you can count on the DC plumbing experts at John C. Flood, to fix the problem quickly so that you and your family can rest assured that you won't experience any water damage.