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Inspect your hose bib now that spring is here

Lady Bug on a Bright Green Stem

Although it may hardly feel like it in many parts of the Mid Atlantic, spring has finally sprung, and pretty soon homeowners will begin tending to their lawns.

While the temperatures have hardly cracked 40 degrees in much of the region over the past month, meteorologists from the National Weather Service are forecasting a much warmer April. Before it's too late, make sure you get a head start on having all of the tools and equipment you'll need for landscaping properly. This includes the hose you'll be using to water your garden, which is arguably one of the most invaluable tools you'll need to keep your greenery lush and vibrant this spring.

Check your faucet for any damage it may have incurred because of freezing temperatures. Often, homeowners will leave the hose attached to the bib all winter long, which increases the potential for cracking of both the faucet and the hose itself. Water will often be left behind, which will expand and freeze when the air outside dips below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

This could be a major problem for the supply pipe that is connected to the bib, as water is likely to have frozen and melted over the course of winter in this area as well. If you notice any cracking due to ice buildup in your outdoor faucet, call an experienced Arlington plumber to come remedy the situation as soon as possible. John C. Flood has been working throughout the Mid Atlantic for over 100 years, and our plumbers, electricians and general contractors have built up a reputation for quality that has made us a leader in the area.