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Is your home's plumbing system ready for Christmas?

If you host your loved ones for Christmas, making sure that your home is in top shape will be no easy task. There will be a ton of different tasks to take care of, from setting up the sleeping arrangements to buying and preparing all of the food. But in the middle of all this preparation you want to make sure that your home's plumbing system is ready for the increased workload.

When your guests are in your home, your plumbing system will be used much more than normal. That is why you should make adjustments to how and when you use certain appliances to make sure that everybody is happy. For example, you should only let your dishwasher run through a cleaning cycle at night or at off times throughout the day in order to make sure that the heat and high water pressure is reserved for your guests.

You should also try and set up some kind of system for spreading out when people shower. You want to make sure that the drains have enough time to get rid of all the water used, as well as give the water heater enough time to recover in order to make sure that each person gets enough hot water. Ideally, all showers should be separated by at least 15 minutes to make the experience as comfortable as possible for all of your loved ones.

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