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Is your toilet flushing on its own?

It is something that most homeowners have experienced at one time or another — the phenomenon that is commonly referred to as phantom flushing. This is when the toilet will flush on its own without anybody in the bathroom.

While it might seem like these flushes come out of nowhere, the truth is they are very easy to explain and put a stop to. You don't want to be wasting water on flushes that aren't actually necessary, as this can consume gallons of water each day.

So, what causes these phantom flushes? When a toilet is flushed, the ball or flap that cover the drain in the tank lifts up, letting water into the bowl. After the flush has completed, the device drops back down and covers the drain, allowing the tank to once again fill back up with water. But if the ball or flap does not seal properly, it leaks a little bit. If the leak is allowed to run for an extended period of time, the toilet will eventually flush on its own.

To help stop the toilet from flushing with no prompting, you simply need to lift the tank lid and adjust or tighten the ball to make sure that the leak has been stopped. Once you cut off the source of the leak, the toilet will not be able to drain until you do so yourself.

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