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Port Angeles camper destroyed by faulty refrigerator

Camper parked next to a tent

As we have covered in this blog before, a refrigerator that is older or has not been properly maintained can pose a significant risk to your family and your home. This is a lesson that some people, unfortunately, learn the hard way. Because these appliances are so heavily used by homeowners, they are especially vulnerable to damage, and they should not be taken for granted.

Early last night, a camper in Port Angeles, Washington, suddenly caught fire and immediately burst into dangerous flames. Fortunately, the owner of the camper was not present at the time, so nobody was hurt in the blaze. Although the camper was completely destroyed, the fire did not reach the garage or any other part of the house, saving the owner from massive destruction of his property.

According to Clallam County Fire District Patrick Young, firefighters from the Sequim and Port Angeles fire districts responded to the emergency call and were able to put the flames out in just under 10 minutes. Because of the contained nature of the affected area, the fire did not present an immediate threat to any of the surrounding areas, which made the job of the fire officials very easy. Young told local reporters that he believes a faulty wire in the camper's refrigerator was the cause of the fire, though it is still under official investigation.

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