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Sewer lines fail at Maryland county jail

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For the past several months, jail officials at the Talbot County Detention Center in Easton, Maryland  have been struggling to control a failing sewer line. The drains and toilets have been backing up constantly, and those in charge initially thought there was a clog somewhere in the underground system. After having the lines professionally cleaned out and made running again several times, the persistent problem led to a deeper investigation.

"Initially, it took a lot of investigation. When the line was scoped, we saw sand. That indicated we had a much more substantial problem," the director of the detention center Douglas Devenyns told local news outlet the Star Democrat.

A video scope showed investigators that about 40 feet of the piping had disintegrated with age. The detention center was constructed in the late 1980s and officially opened in July 1992. The daily population of the jail is a small one - though it has a capacity of 148 inmates, there are usually only around 95 housed at any given time. Because this detention center is on the smaller side, the sewer lines are small also, around only four inches in diameter.

This past Tuesday, the Talbot city council voted unanimously to approve $50,000 of its funding for any repair and residual work that needs to be done on the jail's sewer system. The worst part of the damage is right under the center of the building, and will take a few days for the pipe to be fully restored. Officials are set to repair 166 feet of piping to avoid any further damage.

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