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Study: 40 percent of homes have at least one hazard

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A new study released by the National Center for Healthy Housing, a non-profit research group, indicates that 40 percent of American homes located in urban and suburban metro areas have at least one health or safety hazard. These problems include water leaks, mice and other infestations, and point to a troubling trend among homeowners who have had to cut costs in light of ongoing economic hardship.

The report found that the number of homes experiencing these issues was up from 35 percent just four years ago, and that the most common issue was water leaks, followed by mice, damaged walls and foundation problems.

"Notwithstanding today's headlines regarding an emerging housing recovery, The State of Healthy Housing underscores the need to improve housing conditions across the country," Nicolas P. Retsinas, director emeritus of Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies, said in a news release. "The report documents that healthy homes remain elusive for far too many homeowners, renters and their children."

The study ranked 45 cities based on their cleanliness and the prevalence of these household hazard issues, and found that the Washington, D.C. area was the 16th least hazardous metro, tied with Columbus, San Francisco, St. Louis, Oakland and Portland, Oregon.

The results of the report are troubling, but homeowners should understand that there are solutions to these problems. If you have recently experienced water leaks and roofing problems, you should contact a DC plumber immediately to have these issues addressed, as they pose a health risk to your family and a structural threat to your house. Contact John C. Flood and Company today and we'll take care of the problem right away.