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Take care of toilet leaks to lower your water bill

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A leaky toilet is a terrible nuisance any time of year, but while you're already making small home repairs throughout your house this spring - May is, after all, National Home Remodeling Month - you may as well check to see if your toilet is the cause of that persistent puddle on your bathroom floor.

A toilet leak may not be as obvious as you think. Often, there are smaller cracks inside the tank that are contributing to excess moisture in less obvious areas near the back of your toilet, ultimately causing a hidden mold buildup. Furthermore, if the tank is seeping water into the basin - even in small increments - it is likely having an unnecessary drain on your water bill.

To detect any hidden cracks, put a few drops of food coloring into the tank and keep an eye on the basin. If excess water is seeping through, it won't be long before you notice some discoloring in the bowl. To prevent any further leaks - and to lower your water bill - it may be time to purchase a new toilet.

Make sure to inspect around the base of your toilet as well for any signs of mold or mildew that are hallmarks of a cracked tank. Before installing your new toilet, make sure to thoroughly remediate any mold buildup so it doesn't get trapped beneath the new appliance.

If you aren't comfortable installing the toilet yourself or have discovered other more troubling plumbing issues in the process, contact one of the experienced Fairfax plumbers at John C. Flood today for assistance.