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Tips for removing your bathroom sink's U-trap

Bathroom Sink with Stone and Orange Accents

There are a lot of "solutions" for a clogged drain in the bathroom sink that homeowners will attempt with little to no success. In most cases, things like liquid pipe cleaner or a plumbing snake are only putting off the inevitable a little longer, as big clogs require that you actually attack them at the source. In most bathrooms, the sink will get clogged at the bottom of the U-trap that connects the basin to the rest of the home's plumbing system. Homeowners who aren't confident in their plumbing skills should always contact an Arlington plumber like John C. Flood to address the pipes in their home, however, minor things like removing the trap in your bathroom sink to clean a clog is a task that requires just some professional skill.

Equip yourself with an old toothbrush and an empty bucket. Position the bucket beneath the trap to catch the excess water that is sure to fall out. Be prepared for some unfamiliar smells when you actually go about untwisting the trap, as the main function of this piece is to literally "trap" water in a way that will block unpleasant plumbing odors.

The washer may need the help of a wrench or pliers to loosen at first, but avoid putting too much pressure on it so you don't strip or break the piece. Once you have removed the trap, soak it in a bowl with water and use the old toothbrush to help work out any clogs until the pipe is clean. It's a good idea to soak the trap for an extended period of time to guarantee that you don't run into clogs in the future.