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Tips to help you fix a dripping showerhead

Tips to help you fix a dripping shower head

When it comes to the fixtures in your bathroom, the shower-head is one of the most important - as well as one that is most frequently used. That is why it is so important to make sure that this part of your bathroom is always up and running as smoothly as possible, without any leaks or drips. Not only will this damage how well your shower runs, it will also waste a ton of water, which can end up adding hundreds of dollars to your utility bills at the end of the year.

Repairing a dripping shower-head is a simple enough task that any homeowner can accomplish on their own. First you will need to remove the shower-head from its normal position, either by turning it counterclockwise or using a wrench to loosen it. If the shower-head is covered in limeĀ or other materialsĀ - as it likely is - be sure to soak the entire piece in vinegar for at least a couple of hours. The vinegar will help break down anything that has built up in the shower head and preventing it from reaching maximum water flow.

There is always the possibility that you will have to replace the shower-head with a new one. Check the entire piece for any cracks that could be causing the excess dripping. When you go to put either the cleaned or new shower-head back in place, make sure that everything is tight and securely where it needs to be. This will help eliminate any chance of water leaking out from the sides until this process needs to be repeated down the road.

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