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Ways to improve the energy efficiency of your washing machine

Energy Efficient Washing Machine

There is no way for a homeowner to avoid doing laundry, especially if you have a larger family that requires multiple cleaning cycles every day. Running a washing machine is one of the many ways people consume energy on a regular basis. But there are ways for you to reduce the amount of energy your washing machine uses, so it will cut down on your monthly utility bills and have less of a negative impact on the environment.

Here are a few simple ways you can increase the energy efficiency of your washing machine:

  • Avoid over washing: If you have an article of clothing that is delicate or has only been worn lightly, it does not need to be washed immediately. Save yourself the time and energy by wearing clothes twice before committing them to the dirty laundry pile. Heavier clothes that are soiled will have to be cleaned at the same regular intervals.
  • Separate clothing: Because lighter clothing will require less time to dry than heavier items, they should be put in the machine separately. Do not waste your appliance's energy by mixing the different items together.
  • Wash full loads: Having your appliance fill up with water and run will require the same amount of energy no matter how filled it is. It is a complete waste of energy to run the machine if it is not filled up to its maximum capacity. Hold off on doing smaller washes and let the laundry accumulate for a fuller cycle.

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