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Ways to keep your refrigerator clean

Woman looking in clean refrigerator

While no homeowner enjoys having to clean kitchen appliances, it is something that must be done to keep them in top working order. Especially with refrigerators, where smells and other items can build up over time as a result of stored food, cutting down on its overall efficiency. A refrigerator that is years old should probably be replaced, but a relatively new one should be properly cared for. While you do not have to conduct an extensive cleaning every week, they should be done on a fairly regular basis.

Here are a couple of helpful tricks to keeping your refrigerator fresh and clean:

  • Dusting: Having dust or dirt build up underneath a refrigerator is one of the worst things that can happen to it, as that will make the appliance work harder to run efficiently and use up more of your home's energy. To fix this problem, simply remove the grill and run a yardstick with a pair of pantyhose underneath the machine, as the material will help collect any buried dust bunnies. Be sure to check the pan as it can hold a large amount of dirty water.
  • Toothpaste: Using toothpaste is a great way to remove difficult stains from the interior of the refrigerator. Not only will it help remove the stain with its gentle abrasive formula, but it will also - depending on the flavor you keep in the house - leave behind a pleasant smell. Any brand of toothpaste will make an effective do-it-yourself refrigerator cleaning agent.

If you are experiencing any kinds of issues with your refrigerator that you cannot repair on your own, contact John C. Flood to inquire about our Fairfax plumbing services.