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What to avoid putting in the dishwasher

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As most homeowners know, dishwashers are a wonderfully convenient appliance to have. They save you time every day by allowing you to simply put your kitchenware inside and push a few buttons, mostly eliminating the need for hand-washing. Though dishwashers are a very useful machine, that does not mean they can clean every individual item you own. Some silverware and other materials cannot be safely used in the dishwasher and should be cleaned by hand instead. Do not risk damaging your dishwasher or kitchen items by forcing them into the appliance if they should not be in there.

Here are a few of the materials that cannot be cleaned in the household dishwasher:

  • Cast iron: Dishwasher cleaning will cause cast iron skillets and pans to rust, as well as removing the protective layer that helps them work so well.
  • Gold trim: If you own nice plates that have a gold trim on them, be sure to keep them out of the dishwasher. The harsh chemicals in the cleaning soaps and high water pressure will remove the design over time, leaving you with ruined kitchenware.
  • Wood: Anything that is made out of wood - salad spoons, bowls, cutting boards - needs to be washed by hand. If you put a piece of wood in the dishwasher, the heat generated from the wash and dry cycle will cause it to warp and crack, damaging it irreparably. Not only will it be destroyed, but the split wood can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

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