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What you need to know in order to conserve water in your home

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average household uses 300 gallons of water each and every day. About 30 percent of this total comes from water that is used for outdoor things, such as watering the lawn. What this adds up to is gallons of water that goes to waste and money that is quite literally being poured down the drain. There are plenty of ways that you can help reduce how much water your home consumes, which will be good for both your bank account and the planet.

The easiest thing you can do is replace all of the old shower heads that you already have in place in your bathrooms. If you invest in the ultra low-flow kind, you will only be using about two gallons of water per minute, which will drastically reduce what you are likely using now. Trying to cut down on your overall shower time will also help you save water, so getting in and out as quickly as you possibly can will add up to huge savings at the end of every month.

You should also make sure that any leak that exists is fixed up as quickly as possible. According to the EPA, even the slowest of leaks can contribute to about 10 percent of your household's overall water usage, which is a waste of water and money. Be sure to inspect the pipes in your home on a regular basis and fix any leaks the moment you notice them. If you aren't sure you can fix the problem on your own, you can always call in a Fairfax, VA plumber to help you out.

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