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Winterizing your home in two easy steps

We have talked a lot on this blog recently about preparing your home for the upcoming winter. With temperatures across the United States already reaching freezing levels, it is never too early to get a jumpstart on this process. While there are the typical ways that every homeowner needs to protect their residence - plugging up any drafts around the windows, turning up the heat - there are some places that you might forget to check. Keeping your home maintained throughout the winter months means keeping an eye out for the important details.

While your internal plumbing system will need to be kept warm and protected this winter, you can't neglect any outside faucets that you may have. Be sure to turn off these drains before the winter really takes hold, or you can risk any undrained water in these pipes freezing and bursting as the ice expands inside. Simply disconnect any hoses and allow the leftover water to drain out. This can save you major headaches - and money - down the road in pipe replacements.

If your home has a sump pump, the beginning of winter is the perfect time to test it out to make sure that it is still operational. Simply pour a couple of gallons into the pump to see if the machine turns on. This process should be done every three months or so, but is especially important after a long dry season such as summer and fall.

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