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With rains on the way, it's a good idea to clean your gutters

Man Shoveling Snow off Path

It may be hard to believe after the snow storm that the East Coast received over the weekend, but The Weather Channel is predicting that temperatures could go well up into the 70s on Sunday with the strong possibility of thunderstorms and rain. With this in mind, DC residents should consider cleaning out their rain gutters before the storms arrive.

Why is this important? You're rain gutters serve an essential function by funneling water away from your foundation and basement. At this point they're probably covered with snow and won't do a very good job of allowing rain water to flow.

Cleaning your gutters doesn't need to be as difficult of a task as everyone makes it out to be. There are only a few simple steps to remember that will make the job safer and easier:

  • Be careful about sliding ice and snow: If your roof is still covered in snow and ice, be extremely careful about slabs that slide off and possibly knock you off balance.
  • Make sure your ladder is solidly placed: Cleaning gutters with a wobbly, unstable ladder is a serious mistake that can lead to injury. Make sure it's firmly planted before climbing to your roof.
  • Wear gloves: You can never be certain what kind of debris is in your gutter, and with the snow you may find that there are sharp shards of ice.

If in the process of cleaning your gutters you discover a leak in either your roof or your basement, it's a good idea to call John C. Flood immediately to have one of our Arlington, Virginia plumbing repair serviceman come to your home to fix the problem, before the next store arrives.