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Signs that your sewer drain may need to be unclogged

Plumber Fixing Sewer Pipes

When a sewer drain backs up or gets clogged, it has the potential to cause one of the messiest ordeals that a homeowner can face. Since waste water can't drain out into the main sewer pipes, it is bound to backup into the house one way or another.

One area where you are likely to noticed a backup first is in your home's toilets. These appliances have the most direct path to the sewer of any fixtures in your house and also have the biggest drain line. If waste is sitting still or actually accumulating in the toilet basin - and a plunger isn't fixing the problem - this could likely be a sign of an emergency situation that needs to be addressed by a professional Arlington plumbing service immediately.

Another sure-fire signal that you may need a sewer drain repair in Ashburn, VA is if you are noticing waste backup in your bathtub or shower. Although the drains in these fixtures don't have a more direct route to the sewer than say your bathroom sink, they sit lower to the floor and therefore backup sooner.

Trapped air can also get caught in your main plumbing system as a result of a clog. A way to test for this phenomenon is to run the sink nearest to your bathroom toilet and monitor the water level in the basin. If you notice that the water rises, lowers or bubbles, then the the main line is almost assuredly backed up.

You'll eventually notice that if this clog in your sewer drain isn't repaired immediately, waste will appear not just in the toilet basin but in every fixture connected to your home's plumbing. Eventually, your bathtub, sinks and even washing machine will start filling with odorous waste since it has no way of escaping your home's pipes.

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