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Basic tips to help you protect your basement from the January thaw

Damage from a basement flood

January was one of the wildest months on record in terms of winter weather, as much of the East Coast plummeted into a deep freeze only to experience a record-high January thaw a few days later. To top it all off, precipitation has been anything but consistent, while it snowed in some parts of the region one day and downpours flooded the area the next.

One of the biggest dangers of these "January thaws" for homeowners is basement flooding. Since the ground froze during the arctic blast that blanketed much of the country earlier in the month, when the massive temperature increases followed, that underground moisture began to melt. This tends to raise the amount of groundwater which can lead to it seeping into the subterranean portions of the home. On top of the alarmingly fast winter thaw, snow that had accumulated in some areas also melted at a rapid rate, contributing to the soggy earth that puts basements at risk.

There are a number of ways to combat elevated moisture levels in the basement. The most basic approach is to invest in one or more dehumidifiers for the place. Especially in basements where there are cracks in the foundation or the moisture levels tend to be high, this can help suck up mildew-causing moisture that can make your basement an unhealthy space.

In situations like the one most of the country is facing right now, homeowners need to do much more than purchase dehumidifiers, as water levels are rising at a rapid rate. A Fairfax sump pump repair or installation service like John C. Flood, a trusted Rockville, Maryland plumber service for over 100 years, can make sure that water accumulating in your basement is pushed out through this useful device.