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Strong spring storms remind homeowners of Superstorm Sandy

With the recent news of devastating storms sweeping through the Midwest - one tornado alone left a 2-mile swath of devastation in Oklahoma that killed dozens and leveled an elementary school - residents of the Mid Atlantic have been reminded of Mother Nature's unpredictable temper. Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C, are more than familiar withof freak weather events. After all, this region was among the ones hardest hit by last October's Superstorm Sandy, which destroyed houses up and down the Atlantic Seaboard.

When disaster strikes, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) steps in to help those who were affected by giving funds to help cover the costs of damage. Before any money is allocated, however, homeowners are required to undergo an inspection with a FEMA official to determine whether or not they qualify for aid.

Here are a few things you should anticipate if you need to contact a FEMA official at any point during the summer:

  • It could take up to 10 days before FEMA contacts you to schedule an inspection once you send out a request for aid.
  • FEMA inspections generally take anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes to be completed, and a resident of the house must be present the whole time.
  • Only allow an inspector who arrives in an officially marked FEMA vehicle and is carrying proper identification to enter your home. If they ask you for your Social Security number or any banking information, the individual could be an imposter.

Before storm season starts up, be proactive about protecting your home from damage. An experienced Silver Spring sump pump and plumbing service like John C. Flood can make sure your appliances are all in working order and therefore less vulnerable to potential damage.