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What to do after a major weather event

Palm Trees Blowing in a Storm

June is the official start of Atlantic hurricane season, and although 2013 has so far been without major incident when it comes to damaging coastal storms, the memories of hurricanes from last year - a season that started earlier and lasted long than usual - continue to linger. Even though disaster aid has been dispersed to most seaside communities along the Mid Atlantic following Hurricane Sandy, many homeowners who are still recovering from the events are bracing themselves for more potential damage this time around.

When disaster strikes, homeowners need to know what resources will be there to help them both during a major weather event and during the clean up. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is a government-backed group that visits affected areas and not only offers physical help in bringing citizens back to normalcy, but also gives money to take care of expenses not covered by insurance agencies.

If your property is damaged and you are looking for compensation from the federal government for your loss, contact FEMA immediately after the disaster and request a home inspection from a licensed FEMA employee, It usually takes about a week for them to finalize a date to visit your property, but once they do, expect an inspection to take anywhere between 15 and 45 minutes. They will ask that you or an adult member of the household be present throughout the inspection, and may ask for your identification as proof. However, they shouldn't ask for any financial information, and if they do, this may be a sign that you aren't dealing with a certified FEMA inspector.

The best way to prevent significant damage is to make sure everything is working as it should. Before disaster strikes, have an experienced Gaithersburg, Maryland sump pump repair service visit your property and take proactive measures to guard your house against flooding.