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Faulty water heater cause of apartment fire

Firefighters battling a fire

According to the Circleville Herald, a malfunctioning water heater was responsible for an apartment fire that took place in Circleville, Ohio, this past Monday, January 20th. The fire took place at an apartment complex downtown and was reported by a neighbor who had smelled smoke coming from the adjacent unit. The occupant of the apartment that caught fire was not home at the time when the fire department arrived a few minutes after receiving the call. The cause of the fire was immediately apparent to those on the scene.

"There was fire in the hot water closet. The burner on the water heater malfunctioned," Circleville Fire Department Chief Tim Tener told local reporters.

The flames were contained within minutes and the apartment unit was inspected for any other hazards, but the firefighters did not find any additional issues. The damage caused by the fire was limited to the utility closet where the water heater was contained, with new drywall and flooring required in the room. The water heater - which was gas powered - also needed to be replaced, but the fire department did not find any other causes for alarm.

The gas to the apartment has been shut off until the appliance can be replaced by a new one. This was a precaution the fire department took, Tener says, to prevent any possible risk to the neighboring apartments.

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