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Flush your water heater annually to inspect it for damage

Man Working With Wires and Screw Driver on Water Heater

Your home's water heater is one of the most important appliances on your property. Liquid is constantly passing through this device, and if it isn't in perfect working order, it could be an unnecessary drag on the home's water and electric bill. This is why at least once a year, homeowners should look into having their hot water heater drained and flushed.

This is especially true if you have an older heater, as the quality of water that comes out of the device upon draining might signal possible functional deficiencies in the heater. Debris and rust could build up in a model that may be long overdue for replacement. As a result, there could be excess bacteria within the device, making your home's plumbing unhealthy.

Make sure to close off the valve that connects your heater to the main water supply before flushing the tank out. Many models feature handhole cutouts to make them easier to clean out. If you aren't positive how to open your heater, contact an experienced Washington DC plumber like John C. Flood to handle the flushing for you. Should you notice an excess in debris or a discoloring of the water that comes out, it may be time to replace the piece.

Excess rust not only damages the quality of your water, but it may have an adverse affect on the heater's performance. An appliance that works correctly requires less electricity to accomplish the task at hand, which should make Arlington water heater repair or replacement an important part of your spring cleaning checklist.