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Have your water heater inspected to help prevent a carbon monoxide leak

Carbon Monoxide Detector

A carbon monoxide leak is something that is dangerous for any home, and they can happen due to a faulty plumbing or heating system. If you live in the Northern Virginia area and are looking for a Virginia plumber, contact John C. Flood to schedule and inspection today. As some families have learned, it is better to be safe than sorry.

According to Bannock County coroner Kim Quick in Idaho, a family of four died this week as the result of a carbon monoxide leak from the home's faulty water heater. Quick told local reporters that the family - Bill and Ross Parrish and their two teenage sons Keegan and Liam - died in their sleep sometime between 11 p.m. and midnight Saturday night.

The bodies were discovered by a family member on Sunday who went to the house after they did not show up to a scheduled family dinner. The family member, an uncle, is an EMT and quickly called local emergency officials, though the Parrish family was already gone. Quick told reporters that while he has responded to various incidents involving poisonous gas over his 25 years as a corner, the incident with the Parrish family is nothing he had ever seen before, because it involved four fatalities.

"So they had been there for a while and the house was full of noxious fumes and was not a good scene at all, but it appears from the coroner's conversation with us that there was no suffering, they passed out and passed on without any pain and that is a comfort for the family," Craig Parrish, Bill's cousin, said in a statement.

This tragic occurrence is a prime example of why having your home's water heater system regularly inspected and updated is extremely important. As in the case with the Parrish family, you would not necessarily know if something harmful was being pumped into your home due to a faulty system. If your home is in need of an inspection, contact John C. Flood for our range of Arlington, VA water heater services.