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Smarter Water

Water with Bubbles

Being water efficient can be just as important as being energy efficient. Often taken for granted, water is still one of our most precious natural resources.

There are many ways you can practice basic water conservation in your home, like not leaving taps running, turning off the shower-head when you lather and making sure none of you faucets drip, just to name a few. By upgrading a few key plumbing fixtures, you can make sure your home isn't wasting water, which will ultimately only add to your utility bills

Hands free faucets, for example, serve a few different purposes. Primarily, they're convenient. Just a quick wave and you have a prompt stream of water that automatically shuts off once it's no longer required. Cutting down on wasted tap water. Finally, because there are no  knobs for dirty hands to turn, they're, by default, a more sanitary option than traditional tap fixtures.

Low flow toilets,too, are especially useful in crowed homes where someone always has to go. Newer models can effectively do the job with as little as one gallon per flush. Likewise, low flow shower heads are a great water-saving tool, but their economy truly shines in large households.

Tankless water heaters deliver instant hot water to all fixtures in your home, eliminating the wait you'd have when a tank runs out. Not only can these units save water and energy costs, but also time.

Be eco-friendly and save cash at the same time, call John C Flood your local Washington DC plumber for tips, products and installations.