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Maryland water mains prove vulnerable to harsh winter weather

Aerial View of the Baltimore Harbor

Although Maryland has been spared the brunt of intense snowfall that has barreled down on most of the United States over the past few months, that isn't to say the state hasn't experienced some storm damage this winter. In fact, a snow storm that hit the Baltimore area late last month left many homeowners without water, as the weight of the snowfall caused underground water mains to rupture.

The storm swept through the area on January 23, blanketing downtown Baltimore and much of the rest of the state in white, according to The Sentinel, a local news source. Before the storm really pummeled the area, Baltimore County Public Schools Superintendent Dallas Dance took to Twitter to announce that the district would be closing two hours early and that all afternoon activities would be canceled in anticipation of inclement weather.

Over the next few days, emergency services were called by residents statewide to address problems ranging from power outages to medical issues that resulted from the storm. Additionally, several streets in downtown Baltimore were affected by water main breaks that held up traffic and forced residents to boil water before consumption.

One such break happened at Forge Road in the Perry Hall neighborhood, causing traffic snarls during rush hour on Friday night. The break wasn't repaired until 6 p.m. the following day.

Another water main break in Boiling Springs caused a massive sink hole to form on Walnut Street. On top of the damage to the roadway, neighborhood residents had to contend with basements that flooded rapidly, resulting in thousands of dollars in damage.

Residents should contact a Gaithersburg, MD water main repair service like John C. Flood to address any breaks over this winter that may affect the structure of their home or their property's plumbing.