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Water main breakage causes sink hole in Chicago

Men Standing with Shovels next to sink hole

A water main breakage in the south side of Chicago has caused a massive 14-foot sink hole to open up in the middle of a street. The sink hole, which occurred at at West 124th Street and South Wentworth Avenue, started out small but grew significantly overnight, according to NBC Chicago. Crews are currently working to restore water to the area, but it's expected that the hole could take several days to repair.

The street, as well as several nearby basements and first floors of homes, were flooded with 2 feet of water.

"It's scary," Deloris Alexander, a resident whose home sits next to the hole, told the source. "It's really scary. The first thing that came to my mind is that everything [in the front yard] would sink right in."

Officials from Chicago's Department of Water Management believed the water main disruption may have been caused by water leaking into a nearby home.

Incidents like this often occur with aging water systems that have not been properly maintained. By not having their water main checked regularly, it puts the community at risk for flooding, as well as significant property damage should a sink hole develop over a burst pipe.

This is why it's important for municipalities to stick to regular maintenance schedules and hire a Springfield, Virginia water main repair specialist to handle any service issues before bigger problems occur, and it's also why residents should ensure that their own water system is operating properly. For both issues, we highly recommend contact John C. Flood and scheduling regular service with one of our specialists.