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Pipeline camera inspections can be conducted to help homeowners detect a problem in their pipes before it occurs. This can help you get a full, accurate view of the conditions of your pipes so you know how to prevent a big problem before it’s too late. Camera inspections should be done anywhere from yearly to every three years, and this free camera inspection will allow you to do that at no cost (some restrictions apply).

Camera inspections can also be helpful if you’ve recently had a problem arise in your plumbing. Try taking advantage of your free camera inspection on your plumbing to find out exactly what’s happening in your pipelines. A camera inspection can show you if you have a healthy drain that’s just in need of snaking or possibly a hydro-jetting, or it can show you precisely where and how big your pipe damage is so you know what repairs are needed.

While a traditional visual inspection can help you out some, it can’t show you the interior quality of your plumbing like a camera inspection can. A free camera inspection should be performed by a licensed contractor who will be able to determine if your plumbing issue is due to your plumbing, or if it’s a sewer issue the city needs to investigate.

If you deal with constant backups, blockages, root intrusions, or if you’re looking into purchasing a new home, take full advantage of this free camera inspection on the plumbing to identify any issues, have a solution for repairing any issues that are discovered, and protect your plumbing system from bit issues.



Must have an easily accessible ‘clean out’ point to gain access to sewer line for the free camera inspection offer. Not all pipe sizes are included in this offer. This free camera promotion is only an attempt to view the condition of the sewer lateral of RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMERS ONLY and NOT an attempt to clear a backed-up drain – not all drain pipes will qualify for this offer. Call for details and additional disclaimers.

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