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Do You Really Need Surge Protectors?

Many homeowners wonder what do surge protectors do. Whether you live in an area with frequent thunderstorms or simply use a hair dryer every day, you need surge protectors to safeguard your electronic devices from harmful power surges. A small purchase can save you from thousands of dollars in damage to your in-home electronics. John C. Flood explains what surge protectors do and what devices in your home need surge protectors.

How To Make Your Sink More Quiet

Kitchen Sink Noise

Are you fed up with your kitchen sink being an echo chamber? You’re not alone. Kitchen sink noise is one of the most common household frustrations people have, especially with stainless steel sinks. However, not many people know how quick and easy it is to fix this problem. Expanding foam can make your sink more quiet. Read more to see how John C. Flood offers step by step instructions on how to fix a noisy sink.