Electrical Safety Tips For Kids

All of us take the regular use of electrical appliances and gadgets for granted in our lives. After all, they’re an essential component to pretty much everything we do in our homes.

Because we take these things for granted, sometimes we forget about the potential danger electrical devices pose. This holds especially true for children – where something as simple as a finger in an outlet could lead to a medical emergency.

Because of this danger, it’s important that you help teach your kids a respect for electrical devices – and how to avoid the potential dangers they hold. Have a look at our list of the top electrical safety tips to help keep your children safe, happy and healthy.

TIP: NEVER Pull Plugs Out by the Cords

Power Plugs

It’s easy to grab a charger or other cord and yank it in an attempt to unplug it. And most of us already know that pulling cords like this will likely damage them. But did you also know that this behavior isn’t just damaging to your electronics – it’s also extremely dangerous, too?

Damaged cords can expose electrical components, creating both a shock and a fire hazard. Teach your children to unplug cords from the outlet – not by pulling on the cord. You’ll spare your electrical devices and your outlets while preventing dangerous hazards with your devices.

TIP: Use Outlet Covers with Young Children

Here’s a simple tip most people should follow with young children: use covers to keep curious fingers out of outlets! All it takes is a small moment for a child to inadvertently reach into an outlet and get shocked. In the same breath, all it takes is a moment for you to place outlet covers into the plugs to keep your home much safer for your kids.

TIP: Keep Electronics Away from Water & Bath Time

Baby in a Bath

In our tech-centered world, most kids typically have a cell phone, tablet or portable video game system keeping them busy. Of course, when it comes time for a bath, a child may accidentally bring these electronics with them. If they don’t know any better, they could encounter a highly dangerous situation with plugged in devices near the bath or other water sources.

Make sure to keep electrical devices away from sinks, baths, the pool and other water areas. And reinforce the dangers of shock from electricity and water. This also includes using or touching electronics when you are wet!

TIP: Don’t Touch Worn Out or Damaged Electrical Devices

Many kids mistakenly think that if a device is dropped or damaged, the first thing they should do is unplug it from an outlet. However, this is not the best first step due to an electrical shock risk from the damaged electrical components.

The advice to your children is simple: if an electrical gadget, device or its cord is noticeably damaged, don’t touch it! Instruct your kids to tell you about it so you can take care of it.

TIP: Actively Teach Your Children Electrical Safety

Finally – and most importantly – electrical safety for your children starts and stops with teaching the basics of responsible and safe use. Teach your kids all the above-listed tips while reinforcing the potential danger electricity can pose in the home. Reward safe actions and praise your children for following the rules for safe electronics usage.

Lead by example through practicing the responsible electrical safety you’re teaching. Finally, make sure that all the electrical components in your home remain in safe operation through regular inspections and repairs if necessary.

Keeping Your Home Safe for Everyone

Family Dinner

As you can see, the best way to keep your kids safe is to prevent emergencies from occurring in the first place. If you have any other concerns or issues with your electrical setup, please contact John C. Flood at any time. We offer a variety of ongoing Maintenance Plans with regular electrical inspections for your home. That way, you can ensure that your electrical remains safe for your whole family.