Commercial HVAC in Alexandria, VA

Electrical repairs and services for Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia region.

If you own, manage, or are a tenant of a commercial building, then you’re fully aware of the many responsibilities involved in keeping the building running — including maintaining the HVAC system.

If you’re searching for commercial HVAC in Alexandria, VA then you’ve come to the right place. John C. Flood is here to help!

Commercial HVAC Services

HVAC Repair

Prompt repairs are an essential part of keeping your HVAC unit running properly and preventing avoidable damages.

When you work with John C. Flood for your commercial HVAC repair, you can trust that our licensed technicians will expertly diagnose your heating and cooling system to determine the necessary solutions. 

HVAC Replacement

In some situations, an HVAC repair isn’t the best option — especially true for older commercial HVAC units or more catastrophic breakdowns. In situations like these, an HVAC replacement can be more cost-effective for your building.

We understand the needs of your business, which is why we offer financing options to ensure you’re able to find the solution that best meets your building’s requirements.

HVAC Installation

If you need a new commercial HVAC system installed in your building, John C. Flood can handle the job. Our team can calculate the optimum BTUs that your AC unit would need to keep your customers or staff comfortable while keeping energy costs low.

We’ll advise you on any zoning laws or protocols and help you adhere to applicable regulations and guidelines, keeping your HVAC system and building up to code. 

Don’t resort to guessing when it comes to choosing an HVAC unit for your commercial building. Let the experts help you identify a unit that works for you and your space.

What is the Life of a Commercial HVAC System?

When dealing with commercial HVAC Alexandria units, understand that these pieces of equipment are exceptionally complex. While they may resemble residential HVAC units in some way, they tend to be larger, far more powerful, and more sophisticated.

The expected lifespan of a commercial HVAC unit varies depending on its size, the amount of use it gets, maintenance, and more, but you should expect to get at least 10 to 15 years of life from your HVAC system.

To get the most out of your HVAC unit, it’s important to follow best practices. That means teaming up with a professional HVAC company that can help you manage your system maintenance and repairs to keep your unit in the best shape possible.

Neglecting repairs, forgetting about regular maintenance, and otherwise abandoning your HVAC unit can lead to it overworking, overheating, and breaking down before its time.

How Often Should Commercial HVACs Be Serviced?

The regularity at which you schedule maintenance for your commercial HVAC unit varies. The climate around you, the amount of use your unit gets, and the size of the building all affect how often you should get your unit serviced.

That being said, you should schedule at least four maintenance visits from a professional every year to ensure your HVAC unit is working properly and prepared to handle any upcoming changes in season.

Don’t wait for something to go wrong, break, or stop working altogether before scheduling a service visit for your HVAC unit.

Regular maintenance can help you avoid system breakdowns altogether, maximize the lifespan of your unit, and keep your staff and customers more comfortable. 

Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance

John C. Flood is happy to offer preventative maintenance plans as a service to all our customers with commercial HVAC units. Often, a maintenance issue with your HVAC unit isn’t a dire problem, especially when it first starts happening.

It’s when the problematic component gets ignored and starts influencing the operation of the other components in your unit that a serious problem occurs.

Repairing a maintenance issue on your HVAC unit before it becomes severe or causes further damage is the best way to prolong your unit’s lifespan and keep it running efficiently. Preventative maintenance can help save you costly repairs, annoying breakdowns, and expensive unit replacements. 

Call Us for Any of Your Commercial HVAC Needs

John C. Flood is happy to serve the Alexandria, VA, area with commercial HVAC services. If your unit needs an inspection, you want a quick repair, or you’d like to set up regular preventative maintenance calls, reach out to us and schedule your service visit.

Our technicians are experienced and capable of handling any necessary commercial HVAC repair. Contact us online to get your questions answered and your service visit scheduled.


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