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Springfield, Virginia homeowners looking for water and sewer line repair most likely are searching for an emergency repair and an experienced team to handle the necessary fix.

The sewer drain is a central part of every home’s plumbing system, but very few individuals understand the function of the sewer drain and how that affects sewer line repair. The age-old idiom — out of sight, out of mind — is extremely applicable in this scenario. Many homeowners don’t think about their water line until it’s too late.

Sewer Line Repair and Water Line Service

It’s almost never possible to anticipate when a water line is going to break, but the effects of a broken water line on a home’s infrastructure can be devastating and require expensive restoration efforts. Similarly, having your sewer drain backup can lead to issues like water backing up in your shower when the toilet flushes.

When you call John C. Flood, you gain the benefits of over 100 years experience in the industry, which means we’ve seen it all! Water line service and sewer line repair will include:

  • Repair or replace interior and exterior pipes
  • Install water purification systems
  • Complete copper, galvanized, and CPVC water line repairs
  • Sewer line video and location
  • Underground and under concrete leak detection
  • Drain cleaning and treatment

John C. Flood also places a priority on preserving and maintaining your yard whenever possible during a water line repair job. We utilize trenchless sewer repair and sewer line replacement technology that allows us to complete many repairs and replacements without any damage to your carefully maintained green spaces. When excavation is required, you can be assured that we’ll complete work as quickly as possible.

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The Importance Of Water Line Repair

A water line is the primary pipe bringing water to your home. It typically connects your home to the water supply line that brings running water into homes in your neighborhood. Over time, holes or cracks may develop in your water line. This eventually will cause your water line to flow out, flooding your front yard, basement, or street!

Homeowners that recognize signs of a water line break should immediately contact a qualified water line repair company in Springfield. At John C. Flood, we don’t charge extra for weekend or after-hours calls because your plumbing system won’t wait until normal business hours when there’s a problem!

If you have multiple backed-up drains, standing sewage in your home’s sewer cleanout, or sewage in floor drains, then you don’t have time to wait.

Polybutylene Pipe Replacement

Depending on the age of your home, it’s possible that your pipes are made of polybutylene, a material that was recently the subject of a class action lawsuit for the possibility that it will break down suddenly, and prematurely in comparison to other plumbing materials. 

John C. Flood served as an expert witness during a polybutylene pipe lawsuit for homes in Virginia and is fully equipped to help homeowners understand how to identify and replace any polybutylene pipes in their homes before any extensive damage is done.

Choose The Most Experienced Water And Sewer Line Repair Company

The sewer line repair team at John C. Flood has unparalleled experience servicing homes in Springfield, Virginia home. Trust your home to our certified plumbers. We’ll handle service and repair of water lines and sewers to preserve the integrity of your home’s plumbing system. 

There’s nothing glamorous about sewer drain repair or water line replacements, but keeping them clean and maintained can prevent more costly and damaging problems later. Let John C. Flood, take care of your sewer drain and water line, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty. It’s important to never attempt to tackle a water line repair by yourself if you don’t feel equipped for the job.


From backed up sewer drains to leaking pipes, John C. Flood, is here to serve all of your plumbing, water line repair, and sewer drain service needs. Whether you know exactly what the problem is, or hear a weird gurgling noise in your toilet, contact us today. 

We’ll help you understand what water line repair work needs to be done, and make sure that you’re entirely satisfied with the results. If you’ve gotten an estimate from another sewer line repair company in Springfield, we always offer second opinions at no charge.

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