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What to do after a major weather event

Palm Trees Blowing in a Storm

June is the official start of Atlantic Hurricane season, and although 2013 has so far been without major incident when it comes to damaging coastal storms, the memories of hurricanes from last year - a season that started earlier and lasted long than usual - continue to linger.

A look at the two primary kinds of sump pumps

Flooded Laundry Room

There are a number of factors that an experienced Virginia sump pump repair service like John C. Flood will need to take into consideration when they are installing one of these appliances in your home to protect the space from damaging seasonal floods.

Strong spring storms remind homeowners of Superstorm Sandy

With the recent news of devastating storms sweeping through the Midwest - one tornado alone left a 2-mile swath of devastation in Oklahoma that killed dozens and leveled an elementary school - residents of the Mid Atlantic have been reminded of Mother Nature's unpredictable temper.

Hypothetical Disaster of the Week: Broken sump pump

Strong Storm Showers in the City

As the saying goes, "April showers bring May flowers," and while we are almost coming up on the end of the month, odds are residents of Northern Virginia will likely see a little more rain before the plants outside burst into full bloom.

Prep your sump pump for winter

Man Spraying Basement Cracks

If you live in one of the many communities along the Atlantic Coast that is prone to regular flooding, there is a good chance that your basement is equipped with a sump pump.