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6 Types of Air Conditioning

air conditioner

Replacing or upgrading your AC unit is typically a substantial investment, so you want to be sure you go with something that’s best for all your needs. Evaluating the size you need, what efficiency features you want, quality, cost, and your home requirements can get confusing. To alleviate some of the stress, here are some types of air conditioners to help you understand your options.

Signs You Should Replace Your Garbage Disposal

Signs You Should Replace Your Garbage Disposal

Daily wear and tear takes a toll on your garbage disposal and eventually it will need to be replaced. However, it can be difficult as a homeowner to determine when an appliance needs to be replaced rather than simply repaired.

How to Fix Recessed Lights That Won’t Stay Up

Recessed Lights

Recessed lighting is one of the most popular lighting options for homeowners because of its variety and reasonable pricing. Over time, your recessed lighting can appear to sag from the ceiling as the springs holding it in place wear down and stretch out. If you ignore fixing recessed lighting, it can cause the fixture to be exposed, permit drafts into your home, and eventually become a fire hazard. In a few steps, John C Flood explains how to fix recessed lights depending on the type of trim your fixture has.

AC Noises: How to Fix Grinding & Whistling

weird air conditioner noise in home

It goes without saying that your AC unit is going to make some noise as it runs. Any fully operational machinery does. However, there are some types of noises you don’t want to hear from your air conditioner, some of which are a clear indicator that a problem has occurred within your unit.

Do Air Purifiers Kill Germs?

kill germs and bacteria

Air purifiers today are capable of removing and killing bio-contaminants such as mold, bacteria, and germs. John C. Flood explains why.

John C. Flood Response To COVID-19

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Your well-being is our top priority at John C. Flood. We understand the concern about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and are committed to being both responsive and responsible to our customers and staff.

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