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Furnace Service 

Homeowners in need of emergency furnace repair don’t have time to wait. If your heating system fails during extreme temperatures, contact John C. Flood, the most experienced furnace repair technicians in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. region. We’ll provide an in-home consultation and overview of what work your system requires before getting started, so your home is comfortable and warm all winter long!

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Indicators That You Need Furnace Repair

  • Home feels cold even with the heat turned on. If you’re forced to bundle up in your home because it’s freezing, despite your heat being turned on, then you should contact an HVAC professional immediately. Your heated air could be escaping through a leak or your furnace could be broken, which would require an emergency furnace repair.
  • Spike in energy costs. If you have an old heating unit, you might find that your heating bill continues to climb. An HVAC inspection by John C. Flood can provide clarity on whether your furnace should be repaired or replaced entirely.
  • Poor air circulation. If you find that you have to be fully bundled to stay warm in your home, despite the heat running, it might be time to replace your furnace or schedule service to have an HVAC technician inspect your home’s ductwork and replace your furnace filter.
  • Noisy furnace. Irregular sounds coming from your furnace could indicate malfunctioning or broken components within your HVAC system. This occurrence is typically an indication of a larger issue that could lead to a total heating system failure.
  • Faulty pilot light. If your pilot light refuses to stay lit or is yellow in color, that can indicate a lack of oxygen. A weak or nonexistent flame can be an indication of worn parts. John C. Flood can diagnose your pilot light problems during an annual inspection that includes furnace service.

Save Money With An Energy-Efficient Furnace Replacement

A well-functioning furnace translates into efficiency, which keeps your energy bills low. Homeowners debating whether or not to replace their old furnace should remember that installing an energy-efficient furnace and an ecobee SmartThermostat will save money in the long run.

The team at John C. Flood would be happy to discuss whether a boiler or furnace is better for your home. Our priority is finding a heating option that fits within your budget. Plus, we only recommend a new unit if the cost of furnace repair outweighs the price of a new furnace installation.

By comparing and contrasting furnaces and boilers, you can determine which home heating options win on warmth and efficiency — which ultimately lowers your monthly utility bills.


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Emergency Furnace Repair Service

If your central heating system malfunctions, it won’t be long before you notice something is wrong an discover that you need emergency furnace repair service. Without substantial heat in the winter, the rapid drop in temperature in your home can quickly become unbearable.

Unfortunately, if you live in an area with harsh winters, your furnace is most likely working in overdrive to heat your home. Although John C. Flood recommends regular furnace maintenance and HVAC tune-ups, we know heating system failures are inevitable.

Put your emergency furnace repair in the hands of an experienced team that is responsive, affordable, and compassionate. Our call center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you’ll always be able to set up service with our expert furnace repair team. We don’t charge extra for emergency calls on weekends or outside of standard business hours, because your furnace won’t wait to break down when it’s convenient.

With the team at John C. Flood, you can rest assured that we are doing our very best to get your furnace repaired as soon as possible. Your furnace plays a leading role in warm air moving through your home’s ductwork and into surrounding rooms.

Whether it is fueled by electricity, natural gas or fuel oil, most homes in America depend on a furnace for heat. To us, your family’s comfort begins in the environment created by your heating system.

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Furnace Financing

Although furnace repair is a part of homeownership, it doesn’t make it any easier to pay for emergency service or furnace installation if your current system experiences a premature failure. To alleviate the financial stress of emergency furnace repair, John C. Flood offers two different financing options.

You can count on the HVAC and plumbing professionals of John C. Flood to give an honest, fair estimate for the furnace repair service being performed in your home — and options for how to finance that service. Keeping your home comfortable should never be unaffordable, which is why we don’t let price get in the way of getting the job done. 

Join Our Service Partner Program For Regular Furnace Maintenance

We recommend regular inspection and maintenance of your home’s plumbing system. By joining our Service Partner Program, you’ll opt-in to reminders from John C. Flood when it’s time for an HVAC tune-up.

We’ll inspect your furnace, AC unit, ductwork, home air purifier, humidifier, dehumidifier, and more. Our technicians have trained eyes to catch small problems before they grow. Learn more about our service partner programs and sign up today!

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The John C. Flood expert team has over a century of experience handling furnace repair and furnace replacement in the DMV region. Our team has seen it all. We are also experts at regular service checks and furnace maintenance to maximize the lifespan of your heating system and make sure your equipment will last throughout the winter season.

Whether you are in need of furnace service, furnace repair, or furnace replacement, work with the experts at John C. Flood. We are your go-to resource for the entire lifecycle of your furnace, from installation to preventative maintenance to furnace replacement. If you’re looking for installation of a hydronic heating system, boiler, radiator, or heat pump, we are your one-stop shop!

Work with a team that puts your home’s comfort first. If you have concerns, questions or problems with your home’s furnace in the DMV region, call John C. Flood at (703) 752-1266 or contact us online to schedule your appointment.