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Washington Gas is offering up to a $250 rebate, for as limited time and only to Virginia Customers on products and services including natural gas water heaters, boilers, programmable thermostats and heating system check-ups. Rebates available on a first come, first serve basis. Rebates will total nearly $1,000,000!! So be sure to take advantage soon before they are gone.

A. Rebates are available for the purchase of the following product(s) or service and installation or performance by a licensed contractor:

Rebate Description Offer Number Rebate Amount Number Available*
(Only 1 Rebate per household for Checkup or Programmable Thermostat) WG1111/WG2222 $30 8,500
Natural Gas Heating System Checkup OR Programmable Thermostat

Replace Natural Gas Boiler 85% or greater Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) WG3333 $250 210
Replace Natural Gas Water Heater, .62 or greater Energy Factor (EF) WG4444 $50 *1,420
Replace Natural Gas Water Heater .82 or greater (EF) WG5555 $250 *1,420
New Home Program Natural Gas Energy Star Certification, Space & Water Heating (Both Required) WG6666 $250 1,000
New Home Program Natural Gas Water Heater, .62 or greater (EF) & Energy Star Certification Required WG7777 $50 *1,420
New Home Program Natural Gas Water Heater, .82 or greater (EF) & Energy Star Certification Required WG8888 $250 *1,420
*Total number of water heater rebates is 1,420 for .62 EF & 1,420 for .82 EF (Includes both replacements & New Home Programs)

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