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Old, malfunctioning or out-of-commission water heaters can create a lot of headaches for homeowners. Between cold showers and, for some, an overall chilly home, the discomfort one might experience if their water heater isn't up to speed is less than desirable for sure. But if you live in or around Alexandria, Virginia, and your water heater needs attention, you don't need to worry about waiting in the cold for too long as long as you call John C. Flood right away.

For more than 100 years, John C. Flood has been establishing a reputation for high quality, fast and reliable service. Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make sure that we never miss an opportunity to help out anyone who needs our help.


What is included in a standard Alexandria, Virginia water heater installation from John C. Flood?

  1. A brand new water heater, as well as all of the necessary parts and labor, for one price
  2. A master plumber who is licensed to install the water heater
  3. A master gas fitter who is licensed to work on gas appliances
  4. A master HVAC technician who has been licensed to work on vent ducts
  5. The removal and proper disposal of your old water heater tank
  6. One-year labor warranty, provided through John C. Flood
  7. A water heater tank and parts warranty through the manufacturer of your choice
  8. In most cases, same day service and installation
  9. Work that adheres to all state and local plumbing codes
  10. A new pressure relief valve with each new water heater
  11. A new water heater valve (if needed)
  12. All of the resulting cleaning during and after the installation
  13. Great prices and the peace of mind that comes from working with a company that has been installing water heaters since 1904

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    Hot Water Heater Accessories

    • Expansion Tank: Used in heating systems to absorb excessive water pressure so loud banging is reduced throughout plumbing system.
    • Water Heater Drain Pan: Prevents leaks in from hot water heater from damaging a finished floor.
    • Emergency Water Shut Off Valve: Blocks water from entering heater in the event of a malfunction or emergency event.
    • Emergency Water Alarm: Will alert you to leaks from older models or hot water heaters located in spaces where a leak would not be immediately noticed.
    • Circulating Pump: Keeps hot water moving throughout the home's plumbing system.
    • Remote Circulating Pump: Speeds up circulation to areas of the house where hot water otherwise takes a long time to arrive.

    Commercial Water Heaters

    These water heaters are designed for structures larger than an average home, such as apartment, restaurants and commercial buildings.

    • Jetglass
    • Bradford White
    • A.O. Smite
    • Ruud
    • Rheem
    • Lochinvar
    • State

    Gas "Power Vent" Water Heaters

    When using gas to heat water, these models have ventilation systems that pump the exhaust out of the side of a building using a high powered vent instead of a flue to the roof.

    • A.O. Smith
    • State
    • Rhee
    • Ruud
    • Bradford White
    • Lochinvar

    High efficiency Gas Water Heater

    We sell A.O. Smith Vertex 90 percent and 96 percent high efficiency gas water heaters that provide quick recovery and almost endless hot water with environmentally friendly PVC venting. Both of these models qualify for a federal tax credit.