Maryland is one of the most historically rich, not to mention wealthiest, states in the nation. Located in the middle of the Atlantic Coastline, Maryland boarders five other states and is essentially the crossroads between the northern and southern portions of the East Coast.

Despite its small size, Maryland is actually one of the most populous states in the country, squeezing almost 6 million inhabitants into roughly 12,000 square miles of land. This state has a lot to brag about, since it is somehow only the 42nd largest of the 50 states, yet it has the 19th largest population and the fifth highest density level of any in the union.

It isn't just the demographic figures of the Old Line State that make it notable, but also its impressive geography. Maryland is often referred to as "America in Miniature," since the state's topography ranges from sand dunes on the Eastern Shore to heavily wooded wildlife reserves along its western border. Perhaps the most notable feature of Maryland when viewed on a map is the Chesapeake Bay - the largest estuary in the United States.  This waterway, which is the point of confluence for dozens of rivers and streams, largely dictates the way this state is divvied up into different regions.

Capital Region

With close ties to Washington, D.C. - a stretch of land that was actually donated by the people of Maryland to federal government when the United States was establishing the congressional district  - this is the most populous and wealthiest part of the state.

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