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Garbage Disposal Installation
Under the sink garbage disposal

The garbage disposal is a staple in most modern kitchens and has grown significantly in popularity since its inception in 1927. Rapid adoption of garbage disposal installation in kitchens can be linked to the practicality of the appliance and wide array of benefits. Like nearly all home appliances — repair and replacement are necessary over time. 

The specialists at John C. Flood provide installation, garbage disposal repair services, as well as garbage disposal replacement. Plumbing fixtures and other appliances are necessary investments for homeowners. Proper installation, regular maintenance and repair can help you avoid a costly replacement when your equipment has more life in it. Trust the full lifecycle of your garbage disposal  with the John C. Flood team and their more than 100 years of experience.

Common Garbage Disposal Problems

If you're in need of garbage disposal repair services, the team at John C. Flood has the expertise you're looking for. Most commonly, homeowners need repairs done due to improper use of the garbage disposal. The garbage disposal is a hard-working kitchen appliance, but it can be a little finicky. These are common problems that might leave you in need of garbage disposal repair services

1. Clogged Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal is meant to process solid food waste and grind it into much smaller pieces that can then pass through the kitchen sink. Not all solid food waste is able to move through your garbage disposal — often resulting in a clogged disposal or slow draining of your disposal.

Ignoring a clogged disposal can result in the motor burning out as the unit works extra hard to do its job. Here are a few of the items you shouldn't put down a garbage disposal.

  • Pits or bones
  • Grease and oil
  • Fibrous food scraps (lettuce, celery, banana peels for example) 


2. Grinding Noises

Increased noise coming from your sink is one of the most common reasons for garbage disposal repair services. Grinding could be caused by extra food trapped in the chamber. This noise could also signal a more serious issue with a defective motor assembly, or grinding plate.

Work with the John C. Flood team to identify if the grinding noises can be remedied by repair, or if you're in need of a garbage disposal replacement. Excess noise can be caused by many problems — some of which can result in continued damage if not addressed properly. 

3. Leaking Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal installation services include mounting the unit to the underside of the sink. Leaks are not uncommon, especially after years of use. Connections can become worn between the sink and the disposal.

If you're observing a leak, refrain from using the equipment and get in touch with professionals. Leaks could be a quick fix, or parts could be in need of repair. One thing is for certain, prolonged water damage is not something to ignore. 

Benefits of Garbage Disposals

There are many benefits to having a garbage disposal in your home. In some cities and states, garbage disposals are required in new construction. If you're considering garbage disposal installation, these benefits may help seal the deal. 

Green Benefits

Disposing of solid food scraps using a garbage disposal decreases the amount of garbage your kitchen is producing that ends up in a landfill. The environmental impact of your kitchen waste is lessened as processed food particles are processed by wastewater treatment plants versus contributing to the millions of tons of solid waste households already produce. 

Reduced Kitchen Odor

Yes, your garbage disposal can get a little stinky if not maintained. But a big benefit to garbage disposal installation is the decreased odor emanating from your kitchen trash. There are garbage disposal maintenance tips that not only decrease the likelihood of odors, but extend the longevity of your equipment. 

Protecting Your Pipes

The garbage disposal works to pulverize food scraps into smaller pieces, making it easier for them to pass through your plumbing, improving drainage by lessening the pressure on your pipes. In addition to less pressure on your pipes, you may also experience fewer clogs, leaks or burst pipes due to food waste. If you've had repeated kitchen plumbing problems, talk with the experts at John C. Flood about garbage disposal installation as a potential remedy. 

Call John C. Flood for Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair

If you're interested in garbage disposal installation services, replacement or repair services, the team at John C. Flood has the expertise you need. Our skilled technicians can help you determine which product is best for your home, and help you with repair or replacement if necessary.  Contact John C. Flood with details of your job and our experts will help find a solution for you.


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