Sewer Line Repair

Replacing broken sewer line pipesThe pipes in your sewer line naturally wear down, so while it might seem unpleasant, sewer line repair isn’t uncommon. Proper plumbing maintenance can prolong the lifespan of your sewer line, but some issues — like galvanized pipes and difficult clogs — are unavoidable. In situations like these, you’ll inevitably need to consider sewer line replacement costs

Looking for reliable, efficient sewer line repair near you? The experts at John C. Flood are here to help! We’ve compiled some information below to guide you through the process.

What is Sewer Line Repair?

Sewer line repair is a fairly common plumbing maintenance task. Cracks, clogs, decay, and pipe infiltration from tree roots all present problems for your home’s sewer line. Line repair is a cheaper alternative to line replacement since it tends to isolate a section of the sewer line for the repairs. In many cases, a professional can tackle your sewer line repairs in a non-invasive way.

John C. Flood is the only company in the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. region that offers homeowners three different sewer line repair options: Pipe bursting rehabilitation, trenchless pipe repair, and sewer line excavation. Our team consults with our customers and reviews the differences between three revolutionary methods for repairing or replacing sewer lines before starting any job.

Pipe Bursting Rehabilitation

Pipe bursting is the ideal technique to use for the rehabilitation of sewer lines. This method efficiently bursts clay, concrete, cast iron, or PVC pipe and is the perfect solution for up-sizing a sewer or storm line. 

Using the constant tension wrench, the old pipeline is shattered using a high-powered tool with special bursting heads that smash through the old pipe while pulling through the new replacement pipe. When inserted, the bursting head breaks the pipe into pieces, enlarges the hole, and pushes the fragments into the surrounding soil. This limits pipe bursting to pipes that can be fractured and to soil conditions that will absorb the old fragments.

Trenchless Pipe Repair 

John C. Flood has the technology to repair or replace a sewer line without digging up your yard. This is called trenchless pipe repair. We can bore underground and, in most cases, repair or replace your line without ruining your yard. It’s the least invasive of all sewer line replacement methods and is extremely popular among homeowners.

Although the speed of the job depends on how much piping needs to be replaced, it’s possible to complete the job within the day. We offer a 25-year warranty on the new piping jobs with this method because we know our company has the most capable and highly trained plumbers for the job.

Sewer Line Excavation

This is the traditional method for sewer line repair. It requires digging up your yard to complete the job and is sometimes the only way to tackle a repair. At John C. Flood, we offer a 10-year warranty on the new piping for sewer line excavations in the Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland regions.

Plumber Fixing Sewer PipesSewer Line Replacement Cost

It’s important to know that sewer line replacement cost varies depending on your plumbing system and the severity of your replacement or repair job. Every project is unique and the bottom line differs depending on size and complexity. A sewer line repair can range from $1000 to $20,000, while most tend to be around the $2000-$5000 range. Contact John C. Flood for affordable sewer repair near me.

Sewer Line Repair Near Me

At John C. Flood, we are so confident in our sewer line repair services that we offer a 50-year warranty on sewer pipe replacements. We’ve been in the business of sewer line repairs for a long time, so we’ve seen it all. 

We know that a sewer line emergency won’t wait for normal business hours, which is why we’re open seven days per week and never charge more for emergencies. Contact us today for help with your sewer line repair needs!


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