Water Main Repair Services

Water main break repair and service to Alexandria, VA and surrounding areas. John C. Flood offers the most advanced electronic leak detection equipment available on the market today.

Plumber in trench fixing a water main break
Plumber connecting new pipe to broken water main

Water Main Repair & Service

There's no way to predict and, consequently, prepare for a water main break. Although this type of catastrophe usually causes damage to roads and city property, homes are not immune to the devastation that a water main break inflicts.

When homeowners are faced with a water main break, they are often left with quite a mess to deal with. Before the clean up commences and homeowners can assess what water damage occurred, a water main repair will be required to fix the break. 

What Are Some Causes Of A Water Main Break?

Water main breaks are caused by a variety of reasons. In fact, most of the time a water main break can be caused by several factors that lead to the eventual break down of the pipe.

Some culprits in water main breaks include:

  • Overly dry or wet conditions
  • Freezing temperatures
  • Sudden fluctuations in pressure
  • Normal aging of the pipe
  • Faulty materials, such as polybutylene pipes
  • Accidental damage from construction projects


The Best Water Main Repair In VA, DC & MD

There are only a few water main service specialists in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas who can help residents with a water main break. However, no one will respond to service calls more quickly or fix the issue permanently than John C. Flood.

Our crew will quickly isolate the pipe by shutting off appropriate water valves and then work quickly to make the repair or replacement of the broken pipe. A water main break can undoubtedly wreak havoc on the landscape of a home, but the damage caused by a water main fiasco is often heightened due to outdated service solution techniques that result in holes all over lawns.

At John C. Flood, our team of water main repair experts uses the latest "trenchless" technology to fix the damage caused by a water main. This not only resolves major water main breaks efficiently and effectively, but it also safeguards your landscaping from ugly blemishes that are nearly impossible to cover up.

After the water main service, you should expect to see discolored, reddish water, but there’s no need to panic. This is only caused by trace amounts of iron compounds flushing out of the system. Although it is unpleasant, it is not harmful to your family and will pose no threat to your health. Just simply run the cold water tap for a few minutes and it should clear.

Although we can work reactively to a water main break, we also offer proactive water main replacements so homeowners don’t have to deal with an unexpected and unwelcome surprise. We’re currently offering a coupon for $250 off water main replacement services.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Water Main Line?

Replacing an entire water main line can range in cost depending on the severity and size of the break. The cost of replacing a water main line depends on the depth of the line, ease of access, and piping material used but it will typically cost around $5,000 for the replacement of the line.

Experts In Water Main Service For Over 100 Years

In addition to basic water main repairs, we are also notable authorities with polybutylene water lines and the harmful effects that these pipes can have on a home and to the health of families.

In 1992, John C. Flood represented more than 100 homeowners associations, serving as an expert witness in a winning class action lawsuit against major oil companies. No company cares about the quality of your water main service in like John C. Flood.

Always On The Job

At John C. Flood, we understand that water main breaks are unpredictable. But when they happen, safety restoring water service to your home is our number one priority. 

We will do everything we can to stop your water main break as soon as possible. Our technicians take service requests in our nation's capital, and all other cities and towns throughout southern Maryland and Northern Virginia. We work seven days a week, 365 days a year, and we never charge extra "overtime" fees for work done on the weekend.

Interested in water main services? Schedule service or call (703) 752-1266 today.

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    Our Expertise Includes

    • Interior and exterior water pipe replacement
    • Water purification systems
    • Whole house repiping
    • Commercial water leak location
    • Commercial water meters installed
    • Copper water line repairs
    • Galvanized water line repairs
    • CPVC water line repairs
    • Free second opinion on any water main line repair or replacement
    • We repair burst and leaking water and sewer pipes
    • Trenchless digging (No damage to your landscape)
    • Underground leak location
    • Water jetting
    • Underground water and sewer line repairs and replacements
    • Poly pipe repairs and replacement
    • Under concrete leak location
    • Manhole jetting and video inspection
    • Exact pinpoint underground line location *See details below
    • Septic to sewer line conversions.
    • Street cuts and sewer excavations
    • Well to city water line conversions
    • Sewer ejection pump repair and replacement
    • Commercial water main repair and replacement

    *Underground locating devices can be affected by certain types of underground utility lines and soil conditions.