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Temporary fixes for leaky pipes

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As soon as homeowners notice a leak in their home, they shouldn't hesitate to contact a Fairfax plumber to diagnose the problem before it becomes a costly disaster or exacerbates itself any further. An experienced Virginia plumber like John C. Flood has over 100 years of experience in the area providing services that customers can rely on and in a timely manner. However, sometimes events like leaky pipes can happen about without warning and start causing damage to your property in a rapid manner. While you wait for a plumber to come fix the problem, there are a few solutions you can look into for the interim.

Assuming that there is a leak in a pipe that hasn't completely burst but simply seems to be spewing water either from a crack or a loose joint, do your best to seal it up using a temporary solution. In most cases, its a loose fitting, which has lost its bearings either due to pipe swelling, shrinking, settling or shifting - even bumping against the pipe can sometimes cause an unexpected leak to burst.

Until a professional comes out to fix it, start wrapping your pipe with fiberglass tape at that source of the leak - probably the filling. Continue circling the spot with this water-proof tape until it is roughly an inch out from the pipe or until you are confident the leak has been curbed.

You could also look into sealing any loose fitting with plumbing putty. This solution will expand within the spaces that are releasing the water inside your plumbing, but may get in the way of a plumber's work when they finally arrive to address the problematic leak.