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Installation and Repair

A whole home humidifier installation is a great addition to any home, especially helpful in the cold, dry months of winter but can be beneficial for some homes in the summertime. 

A trained technician can help keep your current unit working optimally or help you determine the best humidifier for your needs and handle humidifier installation for you. 

Whether you need to inspect and repair your current unit, install a new unit, or simply ask questions, call John C. Flood for all your humidifier and air conditioning needs.

Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier Installation

1. Reduces Spread of Airborne Viruses

Recent research reveals that increased indoor humidity levels can offer outstanding benefits, including reducing up to 85% of airborne viruses. While this research could hugely benefit hospitals across the nation, you can take advantage of it in your home as well. 

Increased moisture levels in your home cause airborne particles to latch onto moisture, increasing their weight and causing them to drop rather than float around. It can help reduce the spread of airborne viruses, keeping you and your family healthy.

2. Can Alleviate Allergy Symptoms

Humidifiers today can be used to alleviate allergy symptoms. While old humidifiers used to put too much humidity in the air, encouraging mold growth and dust mites, modern models are customizable. They can create a more comfortable home environment, soothing runny noses and itchy throats, without creating unwanted odors

3. Reduces Skin Dryness

Your body is largely made of water. Dry conditions pull moisture out of your body, leaving your skin dry. Increasing moisture levels in your home can help reduce dry skin patches, chapped lips, and other irritating skin issues. 

4. Minimizes Static Electricity

Static electricity buildup is common and annoying, especially in the winter months. A home humidifier can help reduce this buildup, reducing uncomfortable blankets, static-ridden sweaters, and frizzy hair. It can also reduce unwanted, dangerous sparks from your electronics. 

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Whole Home Humidifier Installation Process

If you’re ready for a humidifier installation, allow one of our skilled technicians to perform a thorough home inspection. 

This part of the process will help determine what humidifier is best for your home based on square footage, current humidity levels, and any other personal needs. Once this step is complete, we can handle the installation itself.

This process helps take the guesswork out of the equation for you. Trust the professionals from the very beginning of the installation process, all the way through to the beginning operations. 

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Humidifier Repair Services

Just like any of your other home equipment, a humidifier needs a tune-up every once in a while. A humidifier repair is a normal aspect of owning the appliance. 

Having a whole house humidifier repair team you can trust makes repairs, tune-ups, and regular home humidifier maintenance checks much more convenient. 

At John C. Flood, we recommend at least one annual tune-up for your humidifier whether a large repair is necessary or not. 

This helps keep your humidifier working properly throughout the year and can help prevent costly breakdowns. During a whole house humidifier repair or preventative home humidifier maintenance visit, our technician will replace the filters, clean your unit, and inspect for any potential issues. 

Humidifier Installation and Repair Financing

If you are concerned about the cost behind a humidifier installation or repair, feel free to investigate the financing options at John C. Flood. 

Part of owning a home is balancing the costs of appliance installations and repairs, but that doesn’t make emergency situations any easier to manage. 

We want to help take as much financial stress out of the equations as possible for you. Count on John C. Flood to offer a fair estimate for your humidifier installation and repair while getting the job done right.

Ready for Your Humidifier?

John C. Flood has an experienced team of HVAC experts ready to make your home more comfortable. 

We can help you narrow down the best humidifier for your home and personalized needs, and we can handle the whole house humidifier installation process for your new unit. 

We also offer plenty of humidifier repair and maintenance services to keep your unit working properly and your home comfortable. Contact us online or call to schedule your service appointment. 

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