3 Creative Ways To Hide Your Air Conditioner

If you own an air conditioning unit you are very likely aware of how unattractive the device can be in your yard. While the appliance serves several important functions, such as keeping the interior of your home cool while also filtering out potential air pollutants, it can hurt your overall curb appeal if you don’t have an AC unit cover.

Should You Cover Your Air Conditioner?

Your air conditioner condenser is an integral component to your home’s overall comfort. However, just because your AC unit is a non-negotiable doesn’t mean that it has to be an eyesore in your yard. So, should you cover your air conditioner? Absolutely!

In fact, there are several inexpensive ideas you can use to cover up your home’s air conditioning unit in ways that will add to the aesthetic appeal of your backyard. With a little creativity, the bulky piece will never again be an unsightly distraction when you host friends at your home. With the right touches, nobody will even know that there is an HVAC system set up in your yard at all.

How To Hide Your AC Unit

The most important thing to remember when hiding your AC unit is that your air conditioner needs a little space to properly circulate the air. An evaporative cooler within your AC unit draws in the outside air through a wet pad. The sensible heat of the incoming air is then reduced by your system before flowing into your home. However, if this is blocked by an AC unit cover, then it could force your system to work harder and drive up your monthly utility bills.

Try one of these ideas to mask or camouflage your air conditioner without compromising the efficiency of the system.

  1. Create a dedicated structure. If you are a handy homeowner, you might consider building a structure that is designed specifically to act as an AC unit cover. This structure will house the air conditioning unit, giving off a polished look to observers. An outdoor closet structure made of plywood with a removable top is an ideal structure. Dress up the outside of the box by attaching pieces of shattered pottery with epoxy or paint the wood. Just keep in mind that you cannot wrap the air conditioner, blocking the flow of air. To keep space for ventilation, try leaving some space in the top of the structure that you build for storage where you can keep some gardening or other yard supplies for safekeeping.
  2. Fence it in. One of the most common ways that people obstruct the air conditioner from view is by putting a small fence around it. This is a great way to add a natural look to your yard, as you can put different flowers and other greenery surrounding and on the fence itself. Be mindful of your existing fence around your yard if you have one. When picking the materials to build a new fence around your AC unit, you should consider other elements of your yard to make sure that this addition has a seamlessly integrated look and doesn’t try to compete for attention. The goal is to obscure your AC unit, not draw more attention.
  3. Plant some greenery. A natural way to keep the air conditioner unit out of sight — and add some life to your backyard — is by planting shrubbery or small trees around it. This is an excellent route for homeowners who enjoy investing time in their yard’s landscaping. If you opt for taller shrubbery or trees, they can act as natural shade to keep your unit out of the hot sun, increasing efficiency. This will also eliminate the need to add any kind of structure or other piece that you might find too intrusive. Alternatively, you could combine the idea of installing a fence and adding greenery by using a trellis system with climbing plants for a natural-looking barrier. Just be sure to leave enough room for access to the air conditioner if there should be any sort of problem arise with your unit down the road where you’d need to schedule service with licensed HVAC technicians.
  4. Tips To Remember When Hiding Your AC Unit

    Although this project might unlock DIY creativity, be cautious of a few factors. Here are a few things to remember while creating an AC unit cover.

    • Check the owner’s manual. Some booklets from air conditioner manufacturers will have a section on methods for enclosure. See if there is a recommended distance between any structures and the unit.
    • Make your unit accessible for HVAC service. Regardless of what route you take to hide your air conditioner, make sure it’s easily accessible for HVAC service professionals. Regular HVAC service can actually lower your monthly utility bills.
    • Give it breathing room. Make sure to leave space around your unit so air can circulate. Keep it open and free of obstacles. Keep any plants you placed around the unit trimmed and any ensure material you used for an AC unit cover is breathable.

    Out Of Sight For You, Top Of Mind For Us

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