3 Extremely Easy Ways To Use Less Water Every Day

Do you like pouring your hard-earned cash down the drain? No? When you waste water, you are literally doing wasting money – even if it is a few cents at a time. It’s time to use less water.

One of the biggest expenses that homeowners face is the water bill. If your family constantly splashes away water in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room, it becomes disturbingly simple to waste thousands of gallons of water a year.

Consider: the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that simple household leaks can cause you to waste 10,000 gallons of water a year – enough to do 270 loads of laundry. If the drip in your kitchen sink or the soggy seal in your shower nozzle can do that much damage, imagine what you’re burning when you let the faucet run while you brush your teeth for three minutes each day.

How to use less water in a few simple steps

Here are three ways you can use less water in your house:

1. Faucets: The biggest problem that homeowners will face with their faucets is leaks, as hundreds of gallons of water can be lost each year. Check each sink in your house to make sure that leaks are not a problem and fix whatever ones that you might find.

Consider this advice from one of our previous blog posts:

The good news is that a leaky faucet is one of the easiest issues that you will face when it comes to your home’s plumbing system, so most of the time it can be dealt with on your own. You just need to make sure that you know what you are looking for…

The most common parts that will loosen over time is the adjusting ring or packing nuts in the stem screw. If you notice leaking from the handle, check these areas first and tighten anything that needs attention.

Another reason that your sink has developed a leak is that the washer has become worn out. Each time you use the sink, the washer rubs up against the valve seat, and the constant friction will result in parts that are run down quickly. Be sure to check the washer as soon as you notice a leak and replace it if necessary.

2. Showers: Ever tried turning the water on and off while you shower? Turning it off while you lather up with shampoo and soap will allow you to use less water than you already are. Absolutely none will go to waste. It sounds kind of crazy, but it will work! You’ll also spend a lot less time dawdling in the shower – it’s not a visit to the spa, and all of that shower steam can wreak havoc on your bathroom.

3. Washing machines: In order for your washing machine to use less water and to improve its efficiency, you should only let it run when it is filled to capacity with clothing. This will ensure that no water is being wasted on loads that are only half-full or less. Be sure to use the shortest wash cycle for clothing that is only lightly soiled.

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