5 Important Electrical Safety Tips Every Parent Needs to Know

Each day, nearly seven children are treated in hospital emergency rooms for electrical shock or burn injuries caused by tampering with a wall outlet — 70 percent of which occur right at home (when adult supervision is present!).

As adults, we’ve become so used to electrical appliances that we often forget how dangerous they can be. This is especially harmful for children –where something as simple as a touching an outlet could lead to a serious medical emergency. To ensure safety in your home, follow these five electrical safety tips.

5 Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

Tip 1: NEVER Pull Plugs Out by the Cords

It’s easy to grab a cord and yank it in an attempt to unplug it. Most of us already know that pulling cords like this will damage them, but did you also know that this behavior is extremely dangerous?

Damaged cords can expose electrical components, creating both a shock and a fire hazard. Teach your children to unplug cords directly from the outlet – not by tugging on the cord. You’ll spare your electrical devices while preventing hazardous situations.

Tip 2: Use Outlet Covers with Young Children

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As we all know, young children are very curious. This is (usually) a good thing — but not when it comes to electricity. To keep them from sticking their little fingers in the outlets, use outlet covers. This will also help prevent them from getting shocked while you’re not around.

Tip 3: Always Keep Electronics Away from Water

In our tech-centered world, most kids typically have a cell phone, tablet or portable video game system keeping them busy. When it comes time for a bath, a child may accidentally bring these electronics with them. Make sure to keep electrical devices away from water areas.

It’s a good idea to lead by example. Avoid bringing your own devices into the bathroom when you go to shower, to the sink while you’re washing the dishes or outside when you’re lounging by the pool.

Tip 4: Don’t Touch Worn Out or Damaged Electrical Devices

Many kids mistakenly think that if a device has dropped from an outlet, the first thing they should do is unplug it. However, this could lead to electrical shock. The advice to your children is simple: if an electrical gadget, device or its cord is noticeably damaged, don’t touch it! Instruct your kids to tell you about it so you can take care of it.

Tip 5: Actively Teach Your Children Electrical Safety

The best way to protect your kids is to teach them electrical safety tips that prevent emergencies. This comes down to one thing: open communication. As soon as they’re mobile, start teaching them proper use.

To reinforce your rules, explain the potential danger that inappropriate use could have on your home (and themselves). And, as always, make sure you conduct regular safety inspections to ensure your home’s electrical components are working properly.

If you have any other concerns or issues with your electrical setup, contact John C. Flood at any time. We offer a variety of ongoing maintenance plans, through our Service Partner Program, with regular electrical inspections that will leave you feeling safe.

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