7 Ideas for Small Kitchen Remodeling

When your kitchen is tight on space, one person might be considered too many cooks in the kitchen. It’s important to be strategic when embarking on small kitchen remodeling. Budgetary restrictions, lifestyle, or market availability might prevent you from having a massive, spacious kitchen. However, even spatially-challenged kitchens can enticing if you know how to remodel a small kitchen.

Small kitchen remodeling is a perfect opportunity to maximize your square footage and create a more manageable space. Designing for a small area can be daunting, but a thoughtfully designed kitchen can provide numerous advantages for homeowners, such as incorporating ideas that will increase energy efficiency. Before you begin, make sure you research how to prepare for a kitchen remodel.

Advantages of Small Kitchens

  • Small kitchens save space. Many kitchens are much larger than necessary. Downsizing your kitchen translates to more square footage for other rooms or another room entirely, which is something to think about when considering how to remodel a small kitchen.
  • Small kitchens are more affordable. Kitchen remodeling can carry a hefty price tag due to the complexity of the work. A small kitchen remodeling project means the scope of work is smaller, which reduces the use of expensive materials and additional labor. However, companies like foundation repair in Oklahoma City have affordable remodeling packages which you can check out for an excellent kitchen remodel.
  • Small kitchen DIY projects are more feasible. The extent of a project often is the determinant between hiring a professional and taking on a DIY home improvement venture.
  • Small kitchens are more functional. Meal preparation and cooking is more manageable in a smaller space. All appliances and tools are closer in proximity, which makes it easier for you to shift tasks effortlessly.

7 Ideas for a Small Kitchen Remodeling

1.) Optimize for the space. In a small kitchen, you can’t have a multipurpose room. Prioritize meal preparation over work, mail, laundry, decor, etc. when designing your kitchen. Focus on function, ensuring you have the work space and appliances needed to make your kitchen as practical as possible. If counter space is limited, consider installing a small-scale island or counter-topped cart. Shrink your appliances, consider a single-basin sink, and buy a stovetop with just two burners.

2.) Avoid overhead cabinets.In tight spaces, floor to wall storage can feel claustrophobic. Many people aren’t tall enough to access the top shelves, and in a small kitchen there typically isn’t room for a step stool. Gallery kitchens, by their nature, are predisposed to feeling boxy and cramped, but removing upper cabinets and replacing it with shelves can open the space up. Consider pot racks, magnetic knife holders, a spice rack for items that can’t be hidden, but are used frequently.

3.) Use bright colors.The easiest hack to making a small kitchen feel larger is using white whenever possible. Light colors reflect light, which can change the atmosphere in a room. White cabinetry draws the eyes upward and makes ceilings appear higher. Bright pops of color add variety and excitement to a predominately white kitchen.

4.) Go minimal. Less clutter will make any small space appear larger, so keep countertops clear. The more simplistic the decor, the less oppressive your small kitchen will feel. Aim for sleek and modern decor. Install an appliance garage to hide your toaster and coffee maker. Designate a special drawer or basket for excess clutter that can accumulate on counters over time.

5.) Combine natural and atmospheric lighting. While remodeling your small kitchen, attempt to include as much natural light as possible. Installing a window or skylight is an easy opportunity to open up the kitchen. Also, using recessed lighting is an inexpensive way to light your food prep area. Banishing the shadows in your kitchen through natural and atmospheric lighting will illuminate every inch of your small space, giving off the appearance of a bigger area.

6.) Pick sleek seating.When space is limited, a dining area might only be equipped to handle much more than a couple stools. Avoid large, bulky, and heavy chairs that take up unnecessary space. Opt for sleek seating that can tuck underneath your island and doesn’t detract from the room ambiance. If you don’t have  space for a dining room table, stools can turn an island into a multipurpose entity for meal preparation and consumption.

7.) Bring on the backsplash. Small kitchen remodelingprojects offer the perfect opportunity to adorn your limited space with an unobtrusive backsplash. White tile, brassy metallics, shiny ceramics, and colorful mosaic are all options for breathtaking backsplash. Although more ornate backsplashes can get pricey, having a small kitchen means fewer materials are required. Quality over quantity is the mantra for this small kitchen remodeling tip. Wide, subway kitchen tile is a stylish and shrewd choice for backsplash because it gives the impression of opening up the small space.

A small kitchen remodeling can turn into a big project.

The existing kitchen architecture in a home can provide an excellent outlet for a DIY project. A small kitchen remodeling can be narrow or extensive depending on how much you want to modify. But some questions, like what it takes to move the plumbing during a kitchen remodel, might be out of your scope. If you start a small kitchen remodelingand feel like you’ve bitten off more than you chew, it might be time to consider bringing in kitchen remodeling professionals.

That’s where John C. Flood comes in. Our team is experts on how to remodel a small kitchen, combining functionality and state-of-the-art design. We work tirelessly to make your vision a reality. You’re the big thinker and the visionary, and we’re the expert team there to make sure the project happens smoothly and efficiently.

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