8 Reasons Your Air Conditioner is so Loud

Your air conditioner is a highly complicated appliance that normally makes a bit of noise when it starts up and operates. Hearing occasional noises from your air conditioner isn’t a reason to be alarmed. However, if you’re constantly wondering, “Why is my AC so loud?” and identifying clattering, buzzing, or other strange sounds, something could be amiss.

It could be malfunctioning and need a repair. While occasional noises are normal, when they become louder or more frequent, you should investigate. Here are 8 reasons why your air conditioner may be loud.

1. Refrigerant Line Leaking

If you’re hearing a loud hissing noise coming from your AC unit, the problem could be related to a refrigerant line leak.

Refrigerant leaks can happen for a variety of reasons, and resolving the issue depends on the location and cause. For example, the issue could be:

  • a screw rubbing against your coils
  • the evaporator coils vibrating or coming loose
  • the condenser coils leaking the refrigerant

If the loud noise coming from your AC is due to a refrigerant leak, it’s important to consult your HVAC professional because you could end up doing more damage if you ignore the problem or attempt to fix it on your own.

2. Debris Lodged in AC Unit

Why is my AC unit making a loud noise? The answer could be debris. If it sounds like there’s a lot of internal clattering, some type of debris could be lodged inside your AC unit.

If a bolt or screw came loose within your unit, it could have been blown into the wrong place. Your unit will need to be thoroughly inspected in this case to identify what type of debris is lodged inside your unit and how to safely remove it and fix any damage it caused.

3. Misaligned or Loose Fan Blades

The answer to your question about why your AC is loud could be your fan blades are loose or misaligned. This tends to cause a loud rattling sound.

In this situation, your fan blades may need to be tightened, straightened, or replaced altogether if they’ve become too warped to operate properly.

4. Damaged Blower Motor

Why does your AC sound like it’s screeching? Your blower motor could be damaged. This could mean the motor needs a quick tune up, or it could require a more expensive fix such as a full replacement. Responding quickly to a screeching sound coming from your AC can help reduce the damage.

5. Circuit Breaker Isn’t Tripped

Your AC might also make a buzzing noise. Unfortunately, buzzing sounds coming from your AC are never good. It’s usually a sign of some type of electrical issue, such as electrical arcing—a type of electrical discharge that happens when the electricity is jumping circuitry.

Never attempt to fix an electrical issue on your own. Stop using your AC unit and have a professional inspect it as soon as possible.

6. AC Unit is Passed it’s Lifespan

A loud, buzzing noise coming from your AC can also be other bad news: Your AC unit could have reached its end point. In a case like this, the repairs necessary will far outweigh the cost of fully replacing your AC unit.

If you know the age of your AC unit, this can help you identify if it’s nearing or past its predicted lifespan. Either way, it will need to be repaired or replaced, so give your HVAC company a call for a professional opinion. 

7. Ductwork is Undersized

Why is your AC so loud inside and making whistling sounds? It’s likely because your ductwork is too small. This means your airflow will be restricted, resulting in a lack of comfort in your home on top of the loud whistling noises. Your HVAC technician can conduct a pressure test to identify if your ductwork was improperly installed.

8. Loose Fan Belt

A loud squeaking noise from your AC unit usually is because your fan belt has come loose. That could mean it simply needs to be repositioned, or it could have broken and need to be replaced.

In other situations, something else in your unit could have broken to loosen your belt in the first place, in which case a repair is necessary. Consult your HVAC technician to get to the bottom of this issue.

Contact John C. Flood to Fix Your Loud Air Conditioning

If you’re constantly wondering about your loud AC, don’t wait for your unit to stop working before addressing the issue. Leaving the issue unattended can worsen the damage and lead to more expensive repairs, so don’t sit around waiting for your unit to break down. 

Contact John C. Flood to get your AC unit inspected, repaired, and working properly again. You can schedule a service appointment online or talk with one of our experienced staff to get your AC working well again.

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