April Showers Potentially Bring Black Mold To Flooded Basements

If the past couple of weeks have proven anything, it’s that April truly does pack a punch when it comes to rainfall. As the month comes to a close, many homeowners are dealing with the repercussions of the punishing storms that have pummeled the Mid Atlantic, from leaky roofs that are causing water stains in ceilings to the flooded basements that have resulted in thousands of dollars in property damage. While the showers are set to end and hopefully give way to May flowers, homeowners should still let the recent weather teach them a lesson about preparedness when rocky weather occurs.

While Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., have all had their share of flooding in the past, one part of the country where the wrath of nature has been historically rough when it comes to rising waters is along the Mississippi River, specifically in Minnesota. Last year, homes throughout Duluth and the surrounding areas were submerged by flood waters following a particularly wet stretch of weather patterns. Homeowners are still recovering in that state a year later, as basements are only just being completely cleared out and toxic black mold is showing up in residences throughout the state. For individuals with asthma or allergies, this is particularly worrisome, as spores from this fungus make breathing a challenge for even the healthiest individuals.

To prevent water from building up in your basement – a condition that breeds harmful mold and mildew – make sure that you have a fully functioning sump pump installed, as well as a backup battery pack in case there is a power outage. This way you keep Mother Nature’s wrath at bay and focus on other damage from the wacky weather. Call today at 703-214-5611!

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