Are Gerber Toilet Tanks Interchangeable?

If you’re considering a Gerber toilet tank for your home, you likely have a few questions like, “Are Gerber toilet tanks interchangeable?” In some situations, if all the correct conditions are met, then it is possible to replace either the tank or the bowls without needing to replace the other.

To make your research process easier, metro DC’s top plumbing provider John C. Flood has compiled answers to frequently asked questions about Gerber toilet tanks.

Are Gerber Toilet Tanks Interchangeable?

Not all Gerber toilet tanks are interchangeable. The replacement toilet tank or bowl must fit into the old tank or bowl perfectly. This is possible if the arrangement of the tank-to-bowl bolt holes and the positioning of the spud gasket match.

The bolts fit firmly through the tank holes into the matching holes on top of the bowl when these holes line up, making the interchange practically seamless. Additionally, the huge hole in the upper back of the bowl — which serves as the water entrance — is uniformly filled by the tank’s spud gasket.

If you have an older model of toilet, it is much harder to find an interchangeable toilet tank that will fit. Due to the many upgrades in toilets and new manufacturer designs, old models commonly get discontinued along with all of their replacement pieces.

Why You Might Need to Swap Toilet Tanks

On a toilet that has two pieces, the bowl may sustain irreversible harm while the tank remains perfectly usable, or the other way around. An example of damage requiring replacement is a crack in the toilet tank or bowl that is big enough for a leak.

When this occurs, looking for a replacement for the broken component alone rather than the entire machine may be your best bet.

How Do I Find the Right Replacement Piece for My Toilet?

Note the model number and manufacturer name of the specific toilet part you want to swap out and bring this information to the hardware store with you. Ask a store employee to point out a tank or bowl from another toilet type that will fit with yours if the same toilet model is not readily accessible.

You can also reach out to your local plumbing provider to see if they’re able to find and/or sell you the part you’re looking for. This is a good way to get advice on how difficult the replacement process is before you get started.

Sometimes, a DIY fix is more than you bargained for, so it doesn’t hurt to have a professional plumber selected as a backup.

Can I Fix My Own Gerber Toilet?

While you might be able to solve minor problems like clogs or flapper issues alone, always call a professional for serious plumbing concerns. A clog may seem like an insignificant issue (and often, it is) but can develop into a plumbing emergency if it’s not fixed correctly.

Solving your Gerber toilet problems on your own can help you reduce labor costs if you get the job done right. If you’re not sure or confident in what you’re doing, however, you can end up doing more damage than good — to your plumbing AND your wallet.

4 Common Questions About Gerber Toilet Tanks

1. How Do I Find What Model Number My Gerber Toilet Has?

Check the back wall inside your Gerber toilet tank, next to the water line. This is likely where you’ll find the model number. Additionally, you may locate the cast date, the bar code, and the serial number to help you determine everything you need about replacement parts.

2. What is the Warranty for a Gerber Toilet?

In North America, Gerber offers a limited lifetime warranty. Outside of North America, they offer a 25-year limited warranty. As long as the original consumer keeps the product, Gerber products are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing and material flaws.

3. Why do People Like Gerber Toilets?

Gerber toilets are very reasonably priced, offer a pleasing, functional design, and promise a reliable flush.

4. How Tall is a Gerber Toilet and Toilet Tank?

Gerber has toilets with different heights to suit different customers. They offer both standard heights of bowls (14-inch and16-inch) to meet all compliant heights.

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